One of the real stars of the new Thompson & Morgan catalogue is a brand new vegetable – egg and chips a combination of the aubergine or egg plant and potato. Michael Perry from Thompson and Morgan told Ken Crowther there is potential for more duo vegetables in the future.

Johnsons will be a familiar name to buyers of flower and vegetable seeds, having been sold in a number of different outlets across the country for nearly 100 years. Retail Marketing Manager Ian Cross told Ken Crowther how they have gone back to basics with the range.

The disease blight is a serious problem for potato and tomato growers causing collapse and decay. It is prevalent during warm and humid weather and can be particularly damaging to outdoor crops. Thompson & Morgan vegetable expert Colin Randall told Ken Crowther about how they are carrying out trials which may help eradicate the disease.

There’s not much happening on Andrew Tokely’s vegetable plot, and what’s left is starting to look a bit tired. There are still crops in the ground including parsnips, carrots and brussels sprouts for Christmas, but it’s the time of the year when the plot needs a good clean-up.