Based in the warmest area in England, the West Street Vineyard in Coggeshall is famous for its English grapes. The dry East Anglian climate is also an advantage, they grow as much as they possibly can, producing grapes for all sorts of vineyards across England, as Jane Mohan told Ken Crowther.

Conifer expert Derek Spicer has grown and sold conifers for more than 40-years. Over the years he’s produced more than 20 different varieties. He spoke to Ken Crowther about his experience with the trees and how things have changed.

Australia is home to the award subTropical Gardening magazine. The glossy magazine is ideal for gardeners and landscapers who live in warmer climates. Ken Crowther has been flicking through the pages to find out more.

A co-operative of eight from Alderton in Suffolk have got together to buy four pigs. The pigs arrive in April and will be fattened up to provide the group with quality meat. As Neville Stein Treasurer of the Peninsula Pig Club, explained to Ken Crowther.