Gardens across the UK are looking glorious now with summer bedding in full bloom. Suffolk based Thompson & Morgan is one of the leading horticultural mail order companies responsible for supply hundreds of thousands of plants. Ken Crowther spoke to Peter about the variety of plants available.

It’s a great time to start thinking about summer flowering bulbs which will inject a bit of colour to the summer garden. From dahlia’s to canna lilies they will brighten up a border and give a great perfume too, as Ken Crowther and Geoff discussed in the World Radio Gardening Studio.

As spring approaches there is a season of hard work ahead. Bayer Garden’s Anita Dent and Ken Crowther caught up in the strawberry patch. This quintessential summer fruit is easy to grow in beds, however if you don’t have space you can take advantage of hanging baskets, containers and even drain pipes.

If you can get out into your garden in the winter, it will help with spring and summer preparation and make the rest of the gardening year a joy.  Lucy Chamberlain gardens at East Donyland Hall in Fingeringhoe, Essex she spoke to Ken Crowther about some of the jobs they are getting on with at the Hall.