Using a small paint brush Lucy Chamberlain who gardens at East Donyland Hall in Fingerginghoe, Essex is hand pollinating strawberries, peaches and nectarines in the gardens. To prevent diseases the fruits are covered with polythene which protects them by stops nature doing its work as she explained to Ken Crowther.

Lucy Chamberlain gardens at East Donyland Hall in Fingeringhoe, Essex.  The frosts of recent weeks have been welcomed by Lucy who has been waiting for them as she tries to manage the fruit garden.  A good hard frost helps to kill off pests and diseases lingering in the soil.  To aid this she removed all the mulch leaving the soil open to the frost as she told Ken Crowther.

If you can get out into your garden in the winter, it will help with spring and summer preparation and make the rest of the gardening year a joy.  Lucy Chamberlain gardens at East Donyland Hall in Fingeringhoe, Essex she spoke to Ken Crowther about some of the jobs they are getting on with at the Hall.

Lucy Chamberlain is Head Gardener at East Donyland Hall a private garden just outside Fingringhoe in Essex. The extensive grounds include a walled kitchen garden, bog garden, moat, tennis courts and huge herbaceous borders. Lucy told Ken Crowther about her plans for the coming weeks.

As summer approaches it is the time to think about growing fruit. Keen fruit grower Lucy Chamberlain shared her tips and advice with Ken Crowther on how to get the best results when growing fruit in your garden.