Brian Spencer, Secretary of the Chelmsford Beekeepers Association is a relative new comer in the beekeeping world having only kept them for 10-years most of the beekeepers have been keeping them for 30 to 40 years. He told Ken Crowther what it takes to become a beekeeper.

WH Marriage and Sons, the flour milling company, have been in Chelmsford since 1824. James Marriage is the sixth generation to be milling in Chelmsford. He explained to Ken Crowther how the company has developed over its nearly 200 year history.

College lecturer Christine Lavelle is working on a new project at Writtle College in Chelmsford in Essex. The job involves working with a colleague to rejuvenating a tired, old rock garden at the entrance of the college. The plan is to create a dry garden similar to the one at Hyde Hall as Christine told Ken Crowther.

Turkeys from Paul Kelly’s farm just outside of Chelmsford in Essex are bred to be wild. Paul’s father Derek rescued the last remaining pure bronze turkeys back in the 1980s, from which they developed the unique KellyBronze. Paul explained to Ken what makes a KellyBronze bird.