The serious lack of hard weather is reflected in the soil conditions.  Market gardener Andrew McTurk who farms in Brentwood in Essex says the soil is not in particularly good order this year.  A hard frost is extremely beneficial as it gives the top tilth where the surface is lovely and nice.  As he explained to Ken Crowther it doesn’t need many frosts but there hasn’t been enough this year to make a good job.

As the weather turns colder, and the first frosts appear it’s tempting to rush out and bring every pot inside. Some plants benefit from being kept out for a couple of frosts as Tom Cole, Horticultural Lecturer at Writtle College explained to Ken Crowther.

Winter will soon be upon us, but will it be a mild one or will we have frosts and snow? Steve Bradley from The Sun newspaper and Ken Crowther discuss what the changing weather means for the garden and how to make the conditions work for you.