Gardens across the UK are a blaze of colour with plants and vegetables growing in gardens, pots and tubs. The secret to having a colourful display is feeding. Baby Bio’s Anita Dent thinks many gardeners don’t feed their plants because they don’t know which one to use.

Peony are a company which produces faux flowers which they sell all over the world. The flowers are so realistic people cannot believe they are not real. When putting together bouquets they like to put in colour themes and tones as Hayley Jay explained to Ken Crowther.

The moth orchid or phalanopsis, and the boat orchid or cymbidium are two of the most popular varieties as they are cheap to buy, often less than a bunch of flowers and will continue to flower for several months.  Orchids are one of the two most numerous plant families as Hester Macdonald reports.

Whilst most people are enjoying the milder December days in the UK, gardeners are hoping for
cold weather. It is not unusual to see fruit trees in full bloom. However, having a lot of flower now may mean they not have some many flowers in the spring which could cause problems for fruit growers as Writtle College Lecturer told Ken Crowther.