The Thompson and Morgan potato trials have been taking place at Capel Manor College. The potatoes were planted in May be Level 1 Seasonal Gardener students. Colin Randall or ‘Spud’ from Thompson and Morgan explained to Ken Crowther about the RHS assessment.

It’s a really important time in the potato world, as you need to get in early if you want to grow some of the rarer varieties as some are in short supply. One of the biggest problems with growing potatoes is blight, work is on going to find blight resistant varieties as Colin Randall, or spud, from Thompson and Morgan told Ken Crowther.

The disease blight is a serious problem for potato and tomato growers causing collapse and decay. It is prevalent during warm and humid weather and can be particularly damaging to outdoor crops. Thompson & Morgan vegetable expert Colin Randall told Ken Crowther about how they are carrying out trials which may help eradicate the disease.