It might be winter, but that doesn’t mean you can stay inside as there aren’t plenty of jobs to get ahead with in the garden. It’s important at this time of the year to keep on top of jobs and prepare for the seasonal ahead as Adam Pasco explains.

Your home can be brightened up with the addition of a few pot plants; this is especially true at Christmas. There are so many seasonal favourites to add to your displays. Every room can have a pot plant, but choosing the right ones to succeed can be a case of trial and error as Adam Pasco explains.

Christmas is a time of tradition. One bone of contention in many households is when do you put up your Christmas decorations? For Adam Pasco and his family the 1st December is when the decorations go up. There are plenty of plants in the garden that can be used to decorate the home.

When planting in the garden it’s a good idea to test whether soil is acid or alkaline as different plants will grow in different soils. If you have never tested the pH level of your soil or measured the level of major nutrients then your plants might struggle to grow properly as Adam Pasco explains.