Gardeners can be impatient to get started and see things happening in the garden. At this time of the year you will often find seed packets which can be sown from January to April. If you are keen to get going Mick Lavelle, Senior Lecturer at Writtle College has some tips to ensure you grow healthy, successful seedlings.

Well known dahlia grower Dave Gilham has diversified and has taken up growing daffodils. For the past three years he’s been growing the garden bulbs and last year won a National Trophy class in 2016 with 12 flowers. He will be trying to win again this year as he told Ken Crowther.

If you can get out into your garden in the winter, it will help with spring and summer preparation and make the rest of the gardening year a joy.  Lucy Chamberlain gardens at East Donyland Hall in Fingeringhoe, Essex she spoke to Ken Crowther about some of the jobs they are getting on with at the Hall.