The Christmas pudding production might have finished production at Wilkin and Sons based in Tiptree, but it won’t be too long before they start production for Christmas 2016. As a 365 day operation, production continues all year to meet the demands of customers as Anton Thurgood told Ken Crowther.

There are two different types of strawberry being grown at Wilkin and Sons farm in Tiptree. One is grown in polytunnel and the other left uncovered. The everbearing strawberry plant produces at a different time of the year to the June bearing which was planted in late July and cropped in late September as grower Andre explained to Ken Crowther.

British strawberry growers Wilkin & Son are enjoying a good harvest which now extends into September and October. The use of polytunnels and new varieties has helped extend the season. Anton Thurgood, who is Farm Manager at the Tiptree farm, spoke to Ken Crowther.