During the summer months with longer, hotter days something that gardeners worry about is keeping the garden watered. Mick Lavelle thinks it is important to think water wise when gardening, from using recycled water to picking plants that are drought tolerant as he told Ken Crowther.

Named after Henry Mandevilla, a British Minister in Buenos Aires in the 1860s, mandevilla’s are native to Brazil and Central America. Hardy varieties can be grown outside in England, whilst non-hardy can be grown in a conservatory during the summer months as they tolerate the heat or in the garden and brought in during the Autumn. Chris from Mandy Plants explained more to Ken Crowther.

As summer approaches it is the time to think about growing fruit. Keen fruit grower Lucy Chamberlain shared her tips and advice with Ken Crowther on how to get the best results when growing fruit in your garden.