Abellio Greater Anglia is working with local charity ActivLives to provide hanging baskets for stations in Suffolk. If the project is successful they plan to expand into Essex. Alan Trett, Abellio Greater Anglia’s Assistant Customer Services Manager told Ken Crowther about their future plans.

A community project in Chantry Park in Ipswich, Suffolk has brought an area of the park back to life. A variety of volunteers are involved in the development including the long term unemployed, retired professionals and students. ActivGardens development manger Susannah Robirosa told Ken Crowther all about the project.

An important bi-product of mushroom product is the remaining compost. After the mushrooms have been harvested the compost is steam sterilised and sold on to members of the public, landscapers and organic farms. Patric Hearn from Capel Mushrooms explained the process to Ken Crowther.

At Wilkin & Sons in Tiptree they have been extending their Jubilee orchard where they grown quince. Farm manager Chris Newnham spoke to Ken Crowther about the orchards and how successful the raspberry crops have been.

These days there aren’t many who aren’t using social media to promote their business. Bayer are using social media, in particular Facebook to promote their plant clinics. Anita Dent told Ken Crowther about the difference it makes to them.