Most people like looking at gardens even if they don’t like gardening. It is one of those pastimes which can be enjoyed whatever your age. If you enjoy gardening have you ever thought of turning your passion into a career? The world needs more gardeners as John Mason from ACS in Australia has been finding out.

Who doesn’t love a rose? They are one of the few plants that nearly everyone grows at some stage or another. It is also a plant that seems to survive even if the garden has become overgrown and neglected. Roses can look so much better if you choose the right one as John Mason from ACS in Australia explains.

Every year thousands end up in hospital or at their doctors after sustaining an injury whilst gardening. Overdoing it can lead to a range of injuries, with back and neck problems high on the list. Australian horticultural expert John Mason has advice to help avoid injury.

September heralds the start of spring in Australia, but as the country is so large gardening jobs differ in different parts of the country. In the south, the cool temperate areas mean there is still the chance of a frost whilst the Gold Coast and Western Australia are frost free. Garden expert John Mason offers his spring garden tips.

Leading horticultural expert John Mason has spent the last three months researching and writing a book about curcubits, that’s your melons, cucumbers, marrows, squash and pumpkins. Australia’s spring season runs from the start of September to the end of November and makes an ideal time to plant curcubits as John explains.