Nothing tastes better than strawberries grown in your own garden.  They are one of the first food plants you will see in the garden centre.  They are easy to grow, and having a small garden or even no garden need not be barrier as strawberries can be grown in containers and hanging baskets.   Anita Dent from Bayer Garden is a huge fan of the home grown variety.

Food writer and television presenter Mary Berry is known for her baking but she also is a great supporter of the National Garden Scheme, where people open their gardens for charity.  She has recently been named as their new President taking over from Joe Swift.  Mary has opened her garden for over 20 years as she told Ken Crowther.

People have been using Grazers in their gardens to keep away pigeons and rabbits and all sorts of pests away for years.  The formula is a natural product as the active ingredient is food grade calcium which works by coating the leaf and benefits the plant as calcium is a fertilizer.  Jonathan Tebb Roger worked on the trials from the outset.  He talked to Ken Crowther about the product.