Petunia’s can’t be beaten for their versatility or flower power. It is for this reason Thompson & Morgan have picked them as their top genus for 2016. There have been some vast improvements made by the plant breeder including their weather resilience as managing director Paul Hansord explained to Ken Crowther.

The nights are drawing in and the weather is getting colder making it the perfect time to plan your planting for the year ahead. Thompson & Morgan ‘s new seed catalogue has a number of varieties to look out for including their flower of the year the butter-yellow cosmos, ‘Xanthos’ as Michael Perry explained to Ken Crowther.

Johnsons will be a familiar name to buyers of flower and vegetable seeds, having been sold in a number of different outlets across the country for nearly 100 years. Retail Marketing Manager Ian Cross told Ken Crowther how they have gone back to basics with the range.

As winter heads into spring in Australia, there is one plant which really heralds the changing season, the deciduous magnolia. Judy Horton has fallen in love with them especially when they are in full flower and explains how to look after them.