The Christmas pudding production might have finished production at Wilkin and Sons based in Tiptree, but it won’t be too long before they start production for Christmas 2016. As a 365 day operation, production continues all year to meet the demands of customers as Anton Thurgood told Ken Crowther.

Your home can be brightened up with the addition of a few pot plants; this is especially true at Christmas. There are so many seasonal favourites to add to your displays. Every room can have a pot plant, but choosing the right ones to succeed can be a case of trial and error as Adam Pasco explains.

The garden is a great place to find things to make Christmas decorations. Traditional favourites like holly, ivy and pine cones are very versatile and make cheap alternatives to shop bought decorations. Bayer’s Anita Dent has some tips on how to make something special without breaking the bank.

Christmas is a time of tradition. One bone of contention in many households is when do you put up your Christmas decorations? For Adam Pasco and his family the 1st December is when the decorations go up. There are plenty of plants in the garden that can be used to decorate the home.