If you don’t like to wait too long for your vegetables to grow from seeding to eating, then why not try Chinese leaves. The seeds can be sown from April through to August and be ready in seven weeks and used in salad and stir fries as Colin Randall from Thompson & Morgan told Ken Crowther.

As one of the UK’s largest mail order seed and plant companies, Thompson & Morgan would not be where they are today without plant breeders.  It’s a job which means looking for the usual, new, exciting and successful new plants.  Charles, a plant breeder for T&M explained to Ken Crowther what he is working on at the moment.

This year has seen a good crop of cherries at Wilkin & Sons farm at Tiptree. Andre, the farm manager explained they need to keep cover the cherries under cover in the summer in case of rain. Given the volumes of rain the UK has experienced over the last few months they are so pleased they have used them as he told Ken Crowther.