Oink – A Book of Fun for Pig Lovers (Exisle Publishing, November 2019)  – a book of celebratory, thought-provoking and downright witty quotes about our portly pals complemented by stunning photography. More intelligent than dogs and able to play video games with more focus than chimps, pigs are smart! They have a special place in our hearts from childhood, thanks to the likes of A.A Milne’s Piglet and Wilbur of Charlotte’s Web.  More and more people — including superstars such as George Clooney and Miley Cyrus — have discovered all the delightful characteristics that make them such endearing animals.

Oink is a celebration of these wonderful creatures and the perfect gift for anyone who has ever fallen under a pig’s spell! Featuring memorable quotes from people such as Winston Churchill, George Bernard Shaw, John Howard, and Shelley Duvall, each accompanied by a beautiful photograph, this is a book that’s guaranteed to make you smile.

Editor and pig enthusiast Renee Hollis tells World Radio Gardening all about this delightful book.

The Queen of roses, the Avalanche+® rose. A modern classic. This rose brings glamour to every day and every bouquet.

This wonderful film is made by Cinefleur.

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