The new apple variety has been on trial for a number of years

The new apple variety has been on trial for a number of years

New plants are being bred and introduced every year, and one that caught my attention was the apple ‘Core Blimey™’ from fruit specialists, Frank P Matthews in Worcestershire.

It’s an eating apple, which produces a reasonably sized, good looking bicoloured fruit.  The fruit are a dark red / blush on a green / yellow background and should be available for picking from around late September.

The fruit should store well through the autumn and on into the winter.

World Radio Gardening presenter, Geoff Hodge said:  “It has a lovely ‘fruit flavour’ with a good acid sweet balance.  Is nice and firm and beautifully aromatic.”  I can’t wait to try it myself.

It should suit small gardens, as it is fairly slow growing with a slight weeping habit and would look stunning grown in a container on the patio.

And how did it get its name?

The Urban Orchard Project (UOP), a charity which promotes orchard and fruit tree growing, ran a competition for London schools and the name was picked.

“‘Core Blimey™’ is a perfect name for the new variety,” said Katherine Rose, The UOP CEO.  “It encapsulates London, it’s fun and, as a cockney term of surprise that dates back to the 1880s, the phrase has a lot of history.”

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