Q: Hello.  Please could you give me advice as to how to eradicate Red Ants from our rather large lawn.  They are everywhere.  Ruining the grass.  Also, please could you advise me what I am not doing regarding my celeriac growing.  A few years ago I grew some magnificent Celeriac from seed.  I have tried year on year since then but end up with marvellous tops of the celeriac, but very disappointing roots, in fact, tiny.  Not useable.  Your tips and advice would be appreciated.  Thank you, Jane Winmill

A:  I would suggest that the best product is Ant Stop. There is a feeding station which you can buy which placed by the ant hill works very well. However, I personally prefer to disturb the ants and spray them with the ready to use version of Ant Stop. This does not kill on contact, but as the ants have hairs on their legs when they return to the nest and clean each other they therefore ingest the poison. You will need several applications.   As for the celeriac I am concerned that you are maybe using the same ground to grow them. You would be better to change sites. Have you added organic material at any time to the area? If so, it is better to use the plot for growing on the following year. The other problem that you are describing is usually created by fluctuations in water levels and temperature. If the plants dry out and then is watered you will achieve top growth rather than bottom growth.  Hope this season year are more successful.