Tim is having trouble with his lettuces bolting and going to seed. He thinks it may be due to a lack of water during the hot summer conditions. The practice of bolting is the term used for when a plant sends up a flower stalk and becomes bitter to taste.

Here are some drought resistant lettuce varieties to try in your garden:

Butterhead lettuces are good during dry summer months such as Roxy which is a red lettuce. It is slow to bolt and is resistant to tip-burn. Roxy is suitable for outside harvesting in spring, summer and autumn. Buy seeds now online.

Little gem-type lettuces are simple and easy to grow, whilst providing a lot of flavour. Buy seeds now online.

Another, good variety for summer is Lollo Rossa. Buy seeds now online.

A variety of different lettuces often make the tastiest salads! Buy seeds now online.