Growing rhubarb in a small space has become easier thanks to the development of a new strain perfect for whose living in flats. The stalks of Lilibarber grow to just four inches in height. The leaves can also be eaten as they contain lower levels of oxalic acid as a member of the Lubera team explains.

Leading horticultural expert John Mason has spent the last three months researching and writing a book about curcubits, that’s your melons, cucumbers, marrows, squash and pumpkins. Australia’s spring season runs from the start of September to the end of November and makes an ideal time to plant curcubits as John explains.

BBC 2’s The Big Allotment Challenge saw nine gardeners compete in a series of green fingered challenges to test their horticultural knowledge. Series two winner was Rob Smith from Sheffield. He told Ken Crowther how he fitted in the filming around his day job as airline cabin crew.