The way we buy trees has changed over the last twenty years as have the varieties we buy. There is a huge range from Olives to Eucalyptus to all sorts of exotics you would never have thought of growing in the UK previously. Mike Glover from Barcham Trees nearly Ely in Cambridgeshire spoke to Ken Crowther about how people love their trees.

Borde Hill Garden is just outside of Haywards Heath in West Sussex in south England.  Set in over 200 acres of garden, park and woodlands it also offers view across the Sussex High Weald.  In April they are holding a Terrific Trees event, showcasing one of the Britain’s best collections of champion trees.  Rosie Atkins Chairman of the RHS woody plant committee explains more.

The Sun’s gardening correspondent Steve Bradley has a life-long interest in autumn colour, and this year the colours have been stunning. Steve told Ken Crowther how the Americans track their autumn colour from space using satellites and can watch the colour moving 80 miles south a day.

Bonsai is an art form using horticultural material. Unlike a sculptor who can put his tools down when the piece is finished, bonsai is an ongoing art form which needs regular attention. The miniature trees are grown to look like full grown trees as Reg Bolton from the Federation of British Bonsai Societies explained to Ken Crowther.