The weather conditions in Essex make it an ideal place to raise plants from seed. On their 300 acre farm in Coggeshall Kings Seeds have been following a production process which has been in place for over 100 years. Ken Crowther meet Andrew Tokely on the Kings Seeds plot to find out more.

Gardeners can be impatient to get started and see things happening in the garden. At this time of the year you will often find seed packets which can be sown from January to April. If you are keen to get going Mick Lavelle, Senior Lecturer at Writtle College has some tips to ensure you grow healthy, successful seedlings.

Organic gardener and author Jekka McVicar is well known for her cultivation and use of herbs. Working with Johnsons seeds she created a range of herbs with her name on. The range includes familiar names as well some less well known varieties as Ian Cross explained to Ken Crowther.

Johnsons will be a familiar name to buyers of flower and vegetable seeds, having been sold in a number of different outlets across the country for nearly 100 years. Retail Marketing Manager Ian Cross told Ken Crowther how they have gone back to basics with the range.