It’s a really important time in the potato world, as you need to get in early if you want to grow some of the rarer varieties as some are in short supply. One of the biggest problems with growing potatoes is blight, work is on going to find blight resistant varieties as Colin Randall, or spud, from Thompson and Morgan told Ken Crowther.

January is a busy time of the year for mail order company Thompson and Morgan as it is when they start shipping their bare root fruit trees. The year-old trees come in 9cm pots, on dwarf root stocks meaning they can be kept in pots on a patio and will only reach 6ft and will pollinate amongst themselves as buyer, Peter Freeman told Ken Crowther.

Petunia’s can’t be beaten for their versatility or flower power. It is for this reason Thompson & Morgan have picked them as their top genus for 2016. There have been some vast improvements made by the plant breeder including their weather resilience as managing director Paul Hansord explained to Ken Crowther.

One of the real stars of the new Thompson & Morgan catalogue is a brand new vegetable – egg and chips a combination of the aubergine or egg plant and potato. Michael Perry from Thompson and Morgan told Ken Crowther there is potential for more duo vegetables in the future.