It’s a great time to start thinking about summer flowering bulbs which will inject a bit of colour to the summer garden. From dahlia’s to canna lilies they will brighten up a border and give a great perfume too, as Ken Crowther and Geoff discussed in the World Radio Gardening Studio.

Senior Lecturer at Writtle College, Mick Lavelle is well known for his banana plants. Normally he would have cut and wrapped them by late October or early November, however, this year he didn’t do it until early January because it has been so mild. He told Ken Crowther about the best ways to grow and look after bananas.

There are lots of shrubs which are flowering early this year, in some cases very early. With some many plants flowering before they would normally does this affect the way they are pruned? Ken Crowther spoke to Tom Cole from Writtle College for his views on the best times to prune.