An easy way to create instant summer colour is by using hanging baskets and troughs. Garden centres and nurseries have plenty on display but it’s easy to create your own. Phostrogen Slow Release Plant Food and Moisture Control is an ideal solution for busy gardeners as Tom Cole, Senior Horticultural Lecturer at Writtle University College told Ken Crowther.

Peony are a company which produces faux flowers which they sell all over the world. The flowers are so realistic people cannot believe they are not real. When putting together bouquets they like to put in colour themes and tones as Hayley Jay explained to Ken Crowther.

David Austin roses came about out because he was looking to combine the best of the old roses with the best of the new roses.  The old roses are very beautiful but only flowered once and had a very narrow colour range whereas the modern roses repeat flower and came in different colours.  Michael Marriott is equally as passionate as David Austin is about roses as he talked to Ken Crowther.

Having spent many years as a frustrated balcony gardener in London, Sue O’Neill moved to the Cotswolds where she could create the garden of her dreams.  However, she couldn’t find the right clothes to garden in, leaving her either too hot or too cold or didn’t keep her dry.  The answer was to create her range of clothes designed especially for gardeners as she explained to Ken Crowther.