This year has seen a good crop of cherries at Wilkin & Sons farm at Tiptree. Andre, the farm manager explained they need to keep cover the cherries under cover in the summer in case of rain. Given the volumes of rain the UK has experienced over the last few months they are so pleased they have used them as he told Ken Crowther.

Lucy Chamberlain gardens at East Donyland Hall in Fingeringhoe, Essex.  The frosts of recent weeks have been welcomed by Lucy who has been waiting for them as she tries to manage the fruit garden.  A good hard frost helps to kill off pests and diseases lingering in the soil.  To aid this she removed all the mulch leaving the soil open to the frost as she told Ken Crowther.

In a corner of north Essex Tendring Fruit is a young company which started only five years ago. To maximise space on the farm the idea was to create a high intensity concept orchard. The main business is growing apples and pears with the addition of plums, wild garlic and rhubarb. Simon Garnham told Ken Crowther how the business started.

Malcolm Withnall from Hadlow College believes amateur gardeners are missing out a few tricks when it comes to growing fruit in the garden. Professional growers achieve enormous success with huge yields of high quality fruit, whereas as amateur growers are getting the exact opposite as Malcolm explained to Ken Crowther.