One of Ken Crowther’s favourites tipple is gin and tonic. But, have you wondered where the juniper berries that make your gin come from? Recent stories in the papers have suggested the British juniper is under threat as farming habits have changed over the last 50s years. Ken finds out more.

Salad producer Angflaw from Frating near Colchester in Essex has become the first in the UK to produce Lamb’s Lettuce and has also just started producing miniature kale leaves. Managing director Dave Edwards spoke to Peter Holmes and told him how the production of Lamb’s lettuce had taken off.

Suffolk bakers Bushells have been baking in Lowestoft for over a 130 years. Matt Ellis has been working as a baking since leaving school at 15. After working for several other bakeries, Matt ended up at Bushells. He explained to Ken Crowther about the process of producing the bread following the traditional methods.

Stokes Sauce was started in 2004 by Rick Sheepshank and today employs over 40 people. What started with a real mayonnaise, 11-years on has grown and now makes 65 different sauces, including their famous ketchup. Founder Rick Sheepshank told Ken Crowther how it all started.

Wines from Chile are considered New World, however the Chilean vineyard is actually one of the oldest in the world. The wines produced say more about the soil, the aspect and the person making them than the country they are coming from as John Greenwold from the Wine Boutique explained to Ken Crowther.