Hill Farm Oils in Heveningham in Suffolk are running a trial of growing rapeseed for eating not just for the production of oil. An area of field has been left so where they plan to pick the ‘broccoli’ head with stalk and offer them to restaurants to see what they think. Sam Fairs explained it all to Ken Crowther.

WH Marriage and Sons, the flour milling company, have been in Chelmsford since 1824. James Marriage is the sixth generation to be milling in Chelmsford. He explained to Ken Crowther how the company has developed over its nearly 200 year history.

The rhubarb crop at Calcott Hall Farm in Brentwood is well ahead this year. The team have been able to pick for several weeks beating the local competition. Market gardener Andrew McTurk talked to Ken Crowther about the latest on the farm.