The garden is a great place to find things to make Christmas decorations. Traditional favourites like holly, ivy and pine cones are very versatile and make cheap alternatives to shop bought decorations. Bayer’s Anita Dent has some tips on how to make something special without breaking the bank.

At this time of the year, houseplants aren’t as happy as they are in the summer. Just because your plants are inside, it doesn’t mean they are not affect by the change in season. Low and poor light levels can have an adverse affect, but that doesn’t mean they won’t pick up in the spring as Bayer’s Anita Dent told Ken Crowther.

This year has been great for soft fruit production, with bumper crops of blackberries, raspberries and sloes perfect for making sloe gin. But when should you pick them? Many wait until after the first frosts, however, Bayer’s Anita Dent has other plans as she told Ken Crowther.

As we move into autumn, the growing season slows down and it is time to pick the crops which have been growing all summer. It is a favourite time of the year for Bayer Garden’s Consumer Advisor, Anita Dent who took Ken Crowther for a wander around the garden.