Nothing tastes better than strawberries grown in your own garden.  They are one of the first food plants you will see in the garden centre.  They are easy to grow, and having a small garden or even no garden need not be barrier as strawberries can be grown in containers and hanging baskets.   Anita Dent from Bayer Garden is a huge fan of the home grown variety.

As spring approaches there is a season of hard work ahead. Bayer Garden’s Anita Dent and Ken Crowther caught up in the strawberry patch. This quintessential summer fruit is easy to grow in beds, however if you don’t have space you can take advantage of hanging baskets, containers and even drain pipes.

As the weather is warming up Bayer’s Anita Dent and Ken Crowther have returned to the small garden in St Ives in Cambridgeshire to take a look at the planting. What the garden lacks in ground space is made up by having vertical structures which increases the potential to grow a variety of different plants.

Having a small garden doesn’t mean that you can’t do a lot with it. The first step is to work out the aspect of the garden as this will influence the plants that you can grow. Bayer’s Anita Dent and Ken Crowther visited a small garden in Cambridgeshire to talk about the first steps in creating a small garden.

There are some exciting projects ahead for Bayer Garden including podcasts looking at gardening for children, planning schemes for vegetables or roses and gardening for wildlife. Anita Dent from Bayer explained the plan to Ken Crowther.