When planting in the garden it’s a good idea to test whether soil is acid or alkaline as different plants will grow in different soils. If you have never tested the pH level of your soil or measured the level of major nutrients then your plants might struggle to grow properly as Adam Pasco explains.

It has been great year for growing zucchini or courgettes says Adam Pasco. He’s been growing a few different varieties this summer including Zephyr, which develops a creamy-yellow skin with a green tip to each fruit and offers something different to the usual green courgettes.

For an instant display autumn-flowering colchicums are hard to beat with their simple growing instructions. These season popular bulbs produced their flowers in autumn, but do not produce leaves until the spring as Adam Pasco explained.

In the weed world bindweed is King growing unnoticed amongst other plants then bursting into bloom in July. Whilst it’s not a problem growing on wild neglected sites, most gardeners don’t want it in their gardens. Adam Pasco has advice on how to remove it from your garden.