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Peter Seabrook speaks to Matthew Bent of Bents Garden and Home Centres about their restaurant offerings and winter food market. Plus hear how Peter is being foiled by foxes.

Ian Paton of the famous Paton twins discusses what goes into growing as he and his brother strive to create the world’s largest pumpkin. Plus Peter Seabrook explains how LED lights can be used to accelerate growth in your garden.

Peter Seabrook speaks to Westland Horticulture about the best ingredients and conditions for your potting compost. And there’s news on the strawberry that’s essential for women in the early stages of pregnancy.

Peter Seabrook is joined by Anthony Andrews, a man who traded seeds from Essex to East Germany. Plus with the imminent phasing out of Glyphosate, Peter has news on how to kill weeds. And there are some timely tips on leaf mould.

BBC Essex gardening presenter Ken Crowther answers all your gardening questions and queries. This week he is joined by Tom Cole, Senior Horticultural Lecturer at Writtle University College.