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Not much flowers in January, however, shortly after Christmas the witch hazel will start to bloom and will continue whatever the weather. The scent is magnificent as is the bright yellow, orange and reds of the flowers when there is very little else about as Jonathan Jukes from Marks Hall near Coggeshall in Essex told Ken Crowther.

Houseplants require year round care but particularly in the winter months when light levels are lower. Fluorescent light will promote vegetative growth, giving shoots and leaves but does not give all round light which the sun gives. Tom Cole explains the best way to look after houseplants in winter.

One of the oldest universities in the UK, Writtle College on the outskirts of Chelmsford in Essex is in a unique location, set in a 220-hectare estate. Over the last few years the front entrance has undergone some improvement as lecturer Christine Lavelle told Ken Crowther.