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Entering the gates of this quirky cottage and straight away you can see there is something special.

Over the years Debbie Simpson and her husband John renovated and extended the once derelict Highfield Cottage in Driffield, in the East Riding of Yorkshire. With it’s tranquil stream-side setting, bluebell walk and beautiful borders it’s the topiary that has been at the heart of the garden plan.

“Our aim was to blend the two, house and garden, harmoniously, and not to lose any of the topiary that had taken so long to shape,” says Debbie. Join her now for a teaser of topiary … and read on below for some top tips on keeping your topiary tip top!

For more virtual garden visits do take a look at the NGS website – https://ngs.org.uk/virtual-garden-visits-collection/

At the height of summer, allotment man Tim considers if it’s too late in the year to sow seeds.

Horticulture Lecturer Mick Lavelle considers the impact Coronavirus lockdown has had on the environment.

Keen allotment man, Tim, talks about the beans he’s planted.