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Mark Rowland could not find a tomato variety he really enjoyed so set about breeding his own concentrating entirely on flavour. The end result was so successful they were persuaded to market it, setting up Gourmet Genetics in 2011. They have gone on to develop other varieties of tomato and now also breed chillies and pepper as he told Ken Crowther.

Organic gardener, television and radio presenter Bob Flowerdew is a big fan of soft fruits and has been busy harvesting. The raspberries are almost over, but his hybrid boysenberry a cross between a raspberry and blackberry fruits throughout the season as he explained to Ken Crowther.

BBC Essex gardening presenter Ken Crowther answers all your gardening questions and queries. This week he is joined by Tom Cole, Senior Horticultural Lecturer at Writtle University College.

The Wilkin family have been growing a number of different fruits at their Tiptree farm since the 1800s. Andrey Ivanov the Farm Manger met up with Ken Crowther in one of the polytunnels to talk about their method for growing a successful crop of raspberries for their preserves and gin liquer.

Keeping a watchful eye over the plants in your garden means you can get control over pests before they takeover. Picking off the bugs helps but isn’t 100% effect. To get rid of them completely you need to use a pesticide like Provado Ultimate Bug Killer. Ken Crowther met up with Tom Cole, Senior Horticultural Lecturer at Writtle University College who explained the best way of tackling pests.