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Based on the Suffolk/Norfolk border The Bressingham Gardens were founded by Alan Bloom of Blooms Nurseries in 1953. The gardens were opened to the public in 1962 with six acres and 500 different species and cultivars. His son Adrian Bloom went on to further develop the gardens as he explained to Ken Crowther when he took him for a tour of the site.

The new growing system at Wilkin & Sons at Tiptree is up and running and have been growing strawberries for some time. Ken Crowther met up with Farm Manager Andrey Ivanov to find out how it’s all working out.

Gardens across the UK are looking glorious now with summer bedding in full bloom. Suffolk based Thompson & Morgan is one of the leading horticultural mail order companies responsible for supply hundreds of thousands of plants. Ken Crowther spoke to Peter about the variety of plants available.

An easy way to create instant summer colour is by using hanging baskets and troughs. Garden centres and nurseries have plenty on display but it’s easy to create your own. Phostrogen Slow Release Plant Food and Moisture Control is an ideal solution for busy gardeners as Tom Cole, Senior Horticultural Lecturer at Writtle University College told Ken Crowther.

If you got your first early seed potatoes planted in February they should be showing their heads come June. These early varieties produced a heavy yield of short, oval tubers with firm and waxy white flesh. Thompson and Morgan’s vegetable man Colin Randall spoke to Ken Crowther.