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BBC Essex gardening presenter Ken Crowther answers all your gardening questions and queries.  This week he is joined by Tom Cole, Senior Horticultural Lecturer at Writtle College.

A frequent question to the World Radio Gardening team is what is the best way gardeners look after herbaceous plants through winter and into spring. Mick Lavelle, Senior Lecturer at Writtle College and Ken Crowther discuss some of the best ways.

Gardeners can be impatient to get started and see things happening in the garden. At this time of the year you will often find seed packets which can be sown from January to April. If you are keen to get going Mick Lavelle, Senior Lecturer at Writtle College has some tips to ensure you grow healthy, successful seedlings.

With the dark days of winter disappearing and spring rapidly heading to the UK, there are plenty of new varieties of plants, trees, shrubs, vegetables and fruits to choose for the garden. Suffolk based growers Thompson and Morgan have more new products have ever before as Paul told Ken Crowther.

With the weather in the UK at its coldest, it’s a good time to look ahead to the summer when the garden is once again filled with colour. Garden centres and mail order catalogues are filled with summer flowering bulbs. There are plenty of varieties to pick from as Geoff Hodge told Ken Crowther.