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The quince trees in the fruit orchards of Wilkin and Sons in Tiptree are waiting for the first frosts of the season so the fruit can be picked. The fruits are looking yellow and ready to eat. However, if you took a bite it would initially taste nice but leave an unpleasant sensation in your mouth as Tiptree farm manager Dan told Ken Crowther.

Autumn 2016 in the UK has been great time for vegetable growers with the warmer weather lasting longer than expected. It has meant the harvest has been pushed back as Colin Randall from Thompson & Morgan explained to Ken Crowther.

Growing rhubarb in a small space has become easier thanks to the development of a new strain perfect for whose living in flats. The stalks of Lilibarber grow to just four inches in height. The leaves can also be eaten as they contain lower levels of oxalic acid as a member of the Lubera team explains.

There is nothing better than growing your own fruit and vegetables. While there are some varieties you can grown any time of the year in Australia, Spring is the best time to grow most vegetables. The only downside is that Spring is also the best time for pests and diseases as John Mason from ACS in Australia reports.

Gardens across the UK are a blaze of colour with plants and vegetables growing in gardens, pots and tubs. The secret to having a colourful display is feeding. Baby Bio’s Anita Dent thinks many gardeners don’t feed their plants because they don’t know which one to use.